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Frequently Asked Questions

We are currently working on answering the following list of questions.  If you have any other questions about us, what we do, life in South Africa, etc. please let us know!  Send your questions to JennyLincoln@hotmail.com

What do you do in South Africa?
Please follow this link to our "What We Do" page. 

Where exactly do you live?
The town in which we live is Rustenburg. It's in the northern part of South Africa, about an hour and a half north west of Johannesburg.  Click here to read more about our city. 

Can we send items as donations?
We can almost always use any donation of usable, like-new items, especially baby and children's items.  However, the cost of shipping such donations to us is usually prohibitive.  It often costs more to send the items to us than they are worth.

If you would like to send us a donation of items, please check with us first to make sure we will be able to use what you would like to donate.  Then you can check with your post office or shipping company to see if the shipping costs are affordable to you.

The address where we can receive donations:
Lincoln and Jenny Smith
PO Box 132 Waterfall Mall
Rustenburg, South Africa

What is the weather like?
The seasons in Rustenburg are generally divided as follows (although, we’ve seen different breakdowns):
Summer - Dec. through Feb. Average high: 86F, average low: 62F
Fall - March through May. Average high: 77F, average low: 52F
Winter - June through Aug. Average high: 71F, average low: 41F
Spring - Sept. through Nov. Average high: 83F, average low: 53F

Precipitation usually occurs in the summer.  The days can get very hot in summertime.  The temperatures during the day in the winter are very mild, but at night it can get into the mid to low 30's.  Most homes (including our home) do not have any heat or insulation (or air conditioning), so it gets cold inside in the winter.  Fall and Spring are a very pleasant time to be in Rustenburg, not too cold or too hot. 

What does a typical day look like for you?

What are the best and most difficult things about living in South Africa?

What is it like to raise kids in South Africa?

What is homeschooling in South Africa like?
Jenny  wrote a post about homeschooling in South Africa on her blog "Real Life", please visit the link to check it out. 

What is your regular life like – food (what is and isn’t available), shopping, driving, housing, people, entertainment, traffic, church etc.

How can I donate? What do my donations go to if I donate to your ministry, and are there any administrative or overhead fees taken out? 
Please follow this link to our "Support Us" page.  The answers to the above questions can be found there. 

Do you allow people or groups to come and work with you?  How can I become involved?

What led you to South Africa?   Why did you choose South Africa?

Do you belong to a missions organization? 
When we were in South Africa in 2006 and 2007 we were missionary associates with the Assemblies of God World Missions.  Since 2010 we have been independent missionaries sent out from and supported by our home church, Red Rocks Church, in Golden, Colorado.  We also work with WorldHope.us 

Do you work with other organizations in South Africa?
We work very closely with the Rustenburg YWAM base and also with Engage Africa, Assemblies of God, Baptist and Catholic missionaries and other local churches.