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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Kyler's 8th Birthday!

I asked Kyler how he wanted to celebrate his birthday, either throwing a big party or having a friend over for a sleepover.  He chose to invite his friend Malachi (son of our friends Derek and Rebecca) over for a sleepover last Friday night.  

While eating his cake Kyler started feeling very sick to his stomach.

Lincoln rented a movie for the kids to watch.  Above, Kendi and Malachi are wearing 3D glasses, even thought the movie was not in 3D.  Kyler was feeling yucky and sitting by himself on the couch.

Shortly after this picture was taken Kyler vomited twice.  I told Kyler that Malachi was going to have to go home and Kyler was so disappointed.  He assured me that if Malachi could stay he would go nowhere near him and they could sleep in separate bedrooms.  Derek came to pick up Malachi at about 8 pm and Kyler went right to sleep.  I told them both that we can do the entire thing again soon, including birthday cake and ice cream!

The next day Malachi and Kyler were supposed to go with the Red Rocks team on a game drive at Pilanesberg and Kyler had to miss out on that as well.

One of the members of the team had given the kids some plastic animals and Madison set up "Pilanesberg" for Kyler in his bedroom so that he wouldn't miss out.  Lincoln had the camera with him at the real Pilanesberg, so I didn't get a picture, but it was so cute!  She had make a watering hole out of blue construction paper and there were several animals drinking out of it, she had a monkey up on a green chair (which was a tree),  there was a Polly Pocket car with a monkey trying to get in the sun roof, and a dead animal with a few other animals eating it.  It was very sweet of her to do.

Yesterday, on his real birthday, Jenny M. (with the Red Rocks team) took Madison, Kyler and Kendi for the morning and did crafts and a scavenger hunt with them.  They made a huge mess and had a blast!

Kyler requested pancakes and eggs for his birthday dinner, and I actually remembered to use our special "Celebrate" plate!

A few weeks ago we went shopping at a large mall in Pretoria and let Kyler pick out what he wanted for his birthday from us and Gee Gee (Jenny's mom who is here visiting.)  He chose a Build A Bear and some Star Wars Legos.

Lincoln's parents sent some money for Kyler's birthday and asked me to pick something out for him.  I got him another Lego Star Wars set, he was beyond thrilled!  He loves Legos and Star Wars!

Madison is growing up so fast!

Cute Kendi


We are so happy to have Gee Gee here right now!

I made malva pudding for Kyler's birthday cake.

I made an extra malva pudding for the Red Rocks team.  They sang happy birthday to Kyler and gave him a set of Indiana Jones Legos.

Kyler had a great birthday.


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  1. Happy Birthday KyKy! We love you SOSOSOSOSOSO much!!! <3

    Love, Auntie DiDi, Uncle Adam, Avery and Camille