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Friday, April 2, 2010

Pilanesberg Game Reserve

This week we visited Pilanesberg Game Reserve here in South Africa.  We saw a herd of probably around 50 elephants.  There were at least 10 baby elephants in the group.  It was amazing. 

Jenny and the kids were really freaked out that the elephants were going to hurt us.  I've heard of Elephants turning over cars before, but what an experience to be that close to the elephants. 

I told Madison, "None of your friends in America have ever been this close to wild elephants before." 

She replied, "Yeah, none of my friends in America have ever been killed by a wild elephant before either."

Good point.

It was truly an incredible experience, though.

 (Click on the pictures to enlarge them.)
 This picture shows how close the elephants were to us.  This would be a good promo picture for Land Rover. (The picture is of a car that was in front of us.  As soon as they were able to pass the elephants they took off.)

Check out the tiny little baby elephant between the two adults.  He was so cute.

I love this picture of the baby elephant holding trunks with his momma.

Momma and baby crossing the road.

I love this picture of the elephants in the mirror.  It gives perspective of how close they were.  Click on the picture to enlarge it.  It is quite an exceptional picture.

Check out the birds that hang out on the giraffes neck.

When the official tour guides enter the park with their customers they load a gun at the entrance.  It's all for show for the tourists.  It's not really that dangerous as long as you stay in your car.

Hippos are hard to get good pictures of because they rarely come out of the water.  You're lucky if you get a picture like this of their backs and ears.

 Our friend Rebecca and her 2 boys went with us.  Nine of us piled into our Land Cruiser.  I LOVE that truck.  It is so versatile.

This is Kendi and Matthew on the boardwalk.  How sweet!

OK, so we aren't going to win any "Safe Parent of the Year" awards.

Isabel and Matthew were spotting animals for us.

Wildebeest at the watering hole.

I'm not sure what kind of animal this is. Some type of buck.

The zebra didn't want to share the road.


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