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Friday, July 22, 2011

On Any Average Day . . . Snakes!

Warning - This post may creep you out!!

We've seen our fair share of snakes here in South Africa.  At our current house, we've had a spitting cobra and a puff adder.  I didn't get pictures of either of them.

We recently had this snake in our house:

We've been told it's probably a harmless mole snake.  Regardless, I really don't like any snakes in my house!  We have 3 cats and a dog, I'm not really sure how this thing got in.

At our previous house, we saw spitting cobras on two different occasions.  The first time, Kyler was riding his scooter on a sidewalk behind our house.  He opened a gate and yelled that there was a snake.  I came running, opened the gate, saw a cobra flared up at me and freaked out.  I ran yelling "IT'S A COBRA!! IT'S A COBRA!!!!!!"  I probably scared it as much as it scared me. By the time Lincoln arrived with a hammer, the cobra was long gone.

The second time, we heard Rocco barking and something slamming into the fence in our yard.  Lincoln went out and saw this cobra below striking at Rocco through the fence.

When we lived at the Children's Shelter, the snake below was found and killed near the playground.  It was a 6 foot long Mozambique Spitting Cobra.

Our friend Johannes killed it with a shovel.

And just because you can't have too many dead snake pictures in one post, here's another small snake that we found and killed in our house.

Fortunately, no people were hurt by any of these snakes.  The same can't be said about the snakes though.



  1. You know what they say...the only good snake....

    I have moved to the snake capital of TN, when I moved to the Boonies. I'm none too pleased about having found a copperhead, and a cottonmouth, both poisonous, outside on my patio.

    But, now, I can say, well, heck, at least it wasn't a cobra, like poor Jenny!

  2. Susan-

    "You know what they say...the only good snake...."


    I know that some people love snakes, (Madison is begging for a pet snake), but I just don't!