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What We Do

In South Africa, a generation of children are raising themselves because their parents have died from AIDS.  These orphaned and vulnerable children are at risk of repeating the cycle of poverty, disease, and abuse that their parents were trapped in.

Imagine raising yourself and your siblings from the age of 7.  Who would teach you how to care for your body, prepare your food or educate you?  Who would teach you discipline, the importance of education, or a strong work ethic?

The orphans and vulnerable children of South Africa don’t need a handout, they need someone to care for them and mentor them into becoming responsible members of society with character, wisdom, and intellect.  The goal of our ministry is not simply charity; it is to protect these children physically, mentally, and spiritually; and to help raise them up into productive men and women that will help shape the future of South Africa. 

Currently our primary focus is working with orphans living in child run homes in the town of Phokeng, South Africa.  We work closely with the local YWAM team who has partnered with a woman name Martha living in Phokeng.

Years ago Martha became burdened for the orphans in her community and started feeding them a hot meal each day.  The children would come and hang out at Martha's House and that has evolved into an after-school care center with around 40 children attending daily.

Lincoln has taken on a leadership role with the team that is working in Phokeng, helping to define the purpose and vision of Martha's House, as well as coordinating daily activities for the children.

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Martha’s House: Mission, Vision, Values
Mission Statement:
Martha's House exists to provide orphaned and vulnerable children with a Godly, supportive environment where their needs are met and they are mentored into becoming healthy, productive members of society.

Vision Statement: 
This project endeavors to break the cycle of AIDS and poverty within the community of Phokeng by meeting the physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of orphaned and vulnerable children.

Our goal is to see that orphaned and vulnerable child in Phokeng are:

These serve as guidelines for our conduct and behavior as we work towards our vision.

Christ - Jesus Christ loves them deeply and wants to walk with them
Love - God loves them and has a future for them
Respect - Respect for themselves and others is essential
Work Ethic – A strong work ethic is the key to success
Education – Education will open doors in their future
Positive Transformation – As their lives are changed, we want them to become a catalyst for positive change in their homes and communities.

Programs: (current and future)
Each activity or event must in someway work towards supporting the overall Mission, Vision and Values:
Small motor skills
Problem solving
Arts and crafts
Bible lessons
Sex Ed/ Abstinence Training
Computer Training
Job Skills Training
Cooking/Nutrition Skills
Safety- Traffic safety
Expand horizons- Find out their dream and match up the kids with a mentor (spend the day in a salon, spend the day with a teacher, with an engineer, pilot, etc.)
Help with further education (assist children in finding grants/scholarships)
Story time

In the future we hope to recreate this program model in other areas of South Africa, reaching countless other orphans and vulnerable children.