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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ridiculous Grace

I feel a bit like the prodigal son. Not that I've left God and am returning....but that I've received ridiculous amounts of God's undeserved favor. Ridiculous Grace has been poured out on my life.

Last night was our Africa Gala. It was a huge success. A lot of money came in. A lot of people heard our vision for the children of South Africa and really got a heart for it.

It's amazing to me that so many people have come together and worked so incredibly hard to support our family as we reach the orphans of SA. I'm so humbled by the generosity of everyone as they've committed their time, resources, and money. I can't possibly say "Thank You" enough to everyone. I'll post more pictures later as I get some in from the photographer.

These are some of the art items donated for the silent auction. Many of these are made from the African shack metal that we brought back. When I get the pictures from the photographer we'll post closeups of this art. It was amazing. You can also see the artwork on our Orphan Art Project blog.
- Lincoln

Thank you to Don Ray for the pictures in this post.

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