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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Visa Update

We were told by the South African consulate that if we sent in proof of our applications for the FBI background checks for Lincoln and I, that we could be issued conditional visas.  Then when we submit the results of our background checks, we would be issued regular visas.

Lincoln and I got fingerprinted about 2 weeks ago and sent in our applications to the FBI, now we wait 8-10 weeks for the results!

We immediately sent in to the South African consulate copies of our fingerprint cards and copies of our FBI background check applications.   We also filled out new applications for each of our family members and sent them in as well.  They arrived at the consulate at the beginning of last week.

After several phone conversations and emails this week with various people at the consulate, all of our visa application paperwork has been processed.  It now goes somewhere (I'm not sure where) for approval.  The approval process takes 1-2 days and if approved, they will return our passports and send us our visas.  

So, we should know something for sure by the middle to end of next week.

Please pray that our visa applications are approved quickly and with no more problems!


  1. Heavenly Father, we lift up the Smith Family and pray that You would bless their desire to serve and be Your light in South Africa. Keep Your hand upon them and every detail as they prepare for their departure. We pray that their travels would be comfortable, and restful if that were possible. Give them peace, knowing that it is You who is already at work in South Africa, and they just need come along side. In Jesus Name. Amen.