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Saturday, June 5, 2010


Lately I've been in the playground building business.

A few months ago a California team of highschoolers started a playground at the orphan after school program in Phokeng.  This is a place where orphans from the community come after school for a meal, mentoring, and to hang out with friends.

This playground gives them a nicer place to hang out and play.  Derek, the local YWAM missionary, and I have been working on finishing it whenever we have time.  Finally, we finished it this week.
This is me with some of the orphans.  (Yes, I know my hat looks funny but it keeps me cool.)  Martha is to my left, she is the local woman who started this program.

A few weeks ago we had the Stanphill family from the states come over to build a playground for the shelter in the memory of their infant daughter who passed away a few months ago.  They took off all the old rotting boards from our playground and replaced them with new wood.  They also expanded the playground to allow for another 7 baby swings and 4 toddler swings.  They did a beautiful job and we are so thankful for their hard work.

This is during construction.

 This is the finished product.


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