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Friday, September 3, 2010

A Happy Heart

Yesterday I met a local Tswana pastor.  I spent some time explaining to him what we do here in South Africa, and he let us know how he appreciates our willingness to come and serve his people.  

When I was leaving he told me, "It makes my heart happy just to look at you.  Did I tell you that?  Even now when I look at you, I want to cry, and I don't even know why.  It just makes my heart happy."

Of course it was an encouragement for me to hear this.  But more than just being an encouragement, I took it as an exhortation to encourage others with my words.   By saying this he reminded me that our words can build others up, or discourage them.

Today, I'm working on encouraging others with my words.



  1. Lincoln, You have always made my heart happy!!!! I love you, Mom

  2. Love it!! Thanks for posting, Lincoln...thanks for sharing, Jenny! :) God Bless your family!

  3. It is amazing how much "power" our words can have. We SO need to be speaking more blessings into each other's lives...not curses.
    God bless!