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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Interview With Kyler - Age 8

What do you like about living in South Africa?
It's pretty.  I like the weather, it's really hot so we swim a lot.  I like a place called "Sun City" because they have a swimming pool and water slides.  It looks like a city from a long time ago (an ancient city).  I like all my friends here.  I also like the Lion Park and Pilanesberg.  Pilanesberg is a place where a lot of African animals are and it was made from a volcano. 

What do you  dislike about living here?  
I miss my family and friends in America.  I also miss the snow.

How is it different here than in the USA?
There are only lions and cheetahs in the zoo in the USA.  We drive on the opposite side of the road here.  We have Christmas in the summer. 

How is it similar to the USA?
We have a McDonald's and KFC here. 

What can you get to eat here that you can't in the US?
Weird hot dogs and hamburgers.  Bananas on pizza. 

How is the weather different? 
It is almost always hot here. 

What are your favorite things to do here?
Play outside, swim, go to Pilanesberg. 

Is school the same here as in the US?
Yes, it is the same for us because we homeschool.

Do you like working with the kids in Phokeng?
Yes, because they are silly and I like to play with them. 

Where is your favorite place to take visitors to South Africa? 
Sun City 

Is there anything else you'd like to say about South Africa?


  1. Bananas on pizza? Cool!

    Is it sweet or savory or both?

  2. Susan, it's savory. It comes with bacon (which is like Canadian bacon.)

  3. He is so cute and sweet! We miss him too :) <3