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Monday, June 27, 2011

Jungle Gym

We recently wrote about a team of college students from Arizona who were here working with our friends, Chris and Amy, to build a house for Mama Agnes.  Last year this group built a jungle gym for Mama Agnes' kids.  There are no public parks or playgrounds in our area for kids to play on, so over the past year, Mama Agnes' jungle gym has received a lot of use and was in great need of repair.

Amy's brother (who led the Arizona team) and his wife and family stayed after their team left to repair the jungle gym and add swings.

When the repairs were complete, we went and got the kids and brought them to see the new and improved playground.

The kids were so excited, they especially loved the new swings.

The kids waited through long lines for a chance to swing

 Mama Agnes with her kids in front of the improved jungle gym


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  1. Hooray for the children! Hooray for Mama Agnes! I'm so glad!