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Friday, July 15, 2011

4th of July in South Africa

Sorry this post is a little late.  Our internet speed at our house has gotten so slow that we can no longer post to our blog or upload pictures from home, so we have to go to a friend's house or the mall to get online.

On the 4th, we got together with the other American missionaries living near us and had a BBQ (this is the one time of the year we don't call it a braai - the South African term for a BBQ.)

We gathered at the Children's Shelter where Lincoln and I used to live and work.  Our friends Jeff and Abby still live and work there.  Jeff and Abby have 2 jumpy castles they use for children's outreaches and they set them up for the kids to play on.

Kyler and his friend Matthew


Madison and Isabel

 Madison, Kyler and Isabel

We can't get fireworks here, so we had to settle for cheap, novelty sparking candles.  The candles were Pink, White and Blue, close enough.  We lit the candles and sang "The Star Spangled Banner."  It was very patriotic ;)

We ended the night with a bonfire.  The kids loved it!



  1. I love the pictures! The kids are so cute! I hope you all had fun :) We sure missed you!! I love you <3

    Love, Di

  2. Jenny, that must be so frustrating! (In regard to your internet speed!)

    Of course, it also probably has caused you to give up on certain distractions, which could all be for the good.

    The kids are growing up so fast, and are just BEAUTIFUL! But you know that!

    Thinking of you! Love,


  3. Glad to hear y'all could celebrate. Wonderful photos!