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Friday, June 26, 2009

Another Great Day

Day 5 Red Rocks Team Trip
Today we went out to Phokeng again. Part of the team went out to Phokeng early to keep working on the ceilings and doors. The kitchen ceiling is done and the first coat of paint is on. The eating area has the ceiling almost fully installed. It's coming along well now. Today I (Lincoln) ordered the kitchen cabinets, expecting them to take a week to be delivered. I was shocked to find that they were all in stock, and they actually delivered them today. So it's very cool to actually have them there and ready to install. The guy at the hardware store that sold me the cabinets was interested in what we are doing and he wants to come out
next Wednesday and help us install the cabinets. So that's a cool connection to have people in the community that want to get involved. He was very excited to help and he will be taking the day off of work to do it.

Today we made peanut butter sandwiches with the bread that was donated yesterday and made extras to give to all the kids in Phokeng to take home. The girls had a tea party and painted nails while the guys played a socc
er game with the boys. Those kids are competitive. They've never heard of playing just for fun. They play for blood. I'm going to regret running around trying to play soccer. I'll be sore tomorrow.

I was just thinking about how God works some times. This work in Phokeng has been in process for the last several years. When we were here 2 1/2 years ago a friend of ours visited us and we took her out to meet the kids in Phokeng. She got a heart for the kids that had to eat lunch at Martha's outside in the hot sun. She came home and raised money to build a carport. Then the YWAM Rustenburg base raised money to brick the carport in. Now our team has returned to put in the ceilings, doors, and cabinets. It's taking a long time, but it's fun to watch God work and provide for these kids.

Tomorrow is safari day at Pilansberg Game Reserve. I'm looking forward to that. I always enjoy it, even though my wife makes fun of me because I've done it so much. (Jenny here - I don't make fun of him because he's done it so much, I tease him because every time he goes he takes about 7 thousand pictures!! How many pictures of an elephant drinking water does one need?) It will be fun to watch the team experience it for the first time. I'm hoping that we get to see the elephants up close, that's always my favorite.

Once again, I can't compliment this team enough. Everyone is so much fun, works so hard, has great attitudes, and is eager to do whatever needs to be done. They are welcome back anytime when my family moves back here.

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