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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Visitor Location Map

It's been a year since I started tracking the location of each visitor to our blog.  (It's a map with red dots on the left side bar of our blog if you've never seen it.)  We've really enjoyed seeing how many people all over the world have been reading our blog.

Each year the map gets archived and reset so that it doesn't become a giant red smear.  Our map is scheduled to be reset in the next few days, so I saved our current map.

You can see below where each person who has visited our blog in the last year is located.  The larger the dots, the more visitors from that area.  (Click the map to enlarge.)



  1. durnnit! I NEVER considered copying and pasting my map to a post before they "refresh" it.

    I also feel so..."freshmen"...when my map is refreshed. Like I have to explain to my readers why my map is blank but that I am a very nice blogger I swear!

    I am copying your idea JennyLuv!

    (Formyboys in SL land)