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Thursday, August 19, 2010

What the Red Rocks Team Accomplished

The Red Rocks Church Team was here for 12 days, and what they accomplished in that short time is pretty amazing.  Things may have seemed a little disjointed and scattered at times, but Lincoln and I get to see the overall big picture and we know that what the team did will make a lasting impact on communities and individuals.

The Red Rocks Team:

- Built two homes for families living in deplorable conditions in a squatter camp

- Prepared a community garden for AIDS patients

- Built a guard shack near the community garden

- Got two computers set up and running with software for the orphan program in Freedom Park

- Spent countless hours loving and mentoring orphans and vulnerable children in Freedom Park, Phokeng and at the Lighthouse Children's Shelter

- Did two photo studio outreaches

- Brought food and water to destitute AIDS patients living in tin shacks

- Installed two deep sinks in the Lighthouse Shelter bathroom that will be used for bathing babies

- Did odd jobs around the Lighthouse Shelter including pulling weeds and painting

- Paid the salaries of the Lighthouse child-caregivers and groundskeepers for the month

- Visited patients in several different AIDS hospices with Dr. Neil

- Helped a young mother get the medical care she desperately needed.  She was so sick that she could no longer take care of herself or her 4 year old child.  The team arranged and paid for her child to be cared for while the mother recovers.

Many thanks to the Red Rocks team!!


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