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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lion Park with the Red Rocks Team

We had a great time at the Lion Park in Johannesburg with the RRC team.

We got up close and personal with this giraffe.

Johannes, the head groundskeeper at the Lighthouse Children's Shelter, and his son, Refilwe joined us for the day.  Refilwe didn't know what to think of the giraffe at first, but later he finally worked up the courage to reach out and touch it.

 Madison petting the giraffe

 Lincoln said his tongue felt like wet sandpaper.

 We got to pet baby lions.  They were a little sleepy.

 At the Lion Park there are several lion camps you drive through.  This lion was just outside of our car window.

 I unrolled Kyler's window and leaned over him to take this picture.  Kyler was a little nervous to be this close to the lions!  You can see the unrolled window at the bottom of the picture.

 Two lions climbed up on the back of our car and were playing with the spare tire.  We're not sure why they were attracted to the tire, but it was an amazing (and a little scary) experience!

Take a look at those claws!!

 As we drove off, the lions followed our car.

 Here is some of the damage to our bumper.  If you have to have damage to your car, lion damage is definitely one of the coolest ways to get it!


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