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Friday, March 4, 2011

Cheetahs at the Lion Park in Johannesburg

Lincoln's parents where here visiting us for a couple of weeks.  It's so nice to be able to spend a little time with family.  We did all of the typical tourist stuff, but we had an exceptionally amazing experience at the Lion Park in Johannesburg.   The park has recently added a cheetah enclosure to drive through.  I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story.

As we drove up to a group (pack? gaggle? *)  of 3 cheetahs they all walked toward our car and checked us out.

*Interesting side note - Mystery solved by Melanie in the comment section.  It is a "coalition" of cheetahs.  Melanie also gave a link to a site Collective Nouns.  Trust me, it's more interesting than that name suggests!

They seemed to really like Isabel.  Lincoln got a little angry when I used Isabel as bait (with the window up), but as you can clearly see in the window reflection, she greatly enjoyed it all.

They came over for a closer look.  I love Madison's face in this picture.  In the very next picture taken, you can see her behind as she is climbing over the seat to get away.

 This one scraped it's claws down the window for a couple of minutes.  

 And it put some scratches into the car paint.

 There is something about Lincoln's truck that animals find irresistible.  About 6 months ago we had a lion climb up on the back and play with the spare tire.

 And since were at the Lion Park, I thought I'd include a cool shot of a lion.



  1. I googled it! It's a coalition of cheetahs. Ya' learn something new everyday. Here's the website I found:

  2. Thanks Melanie! That's interesting, I've never heard that before.


  3. I think you should keep the scratches in the truck..sounds tough! I don't know anyone else with cheetah scratches on theirs:) looks like it was well worth it... your kids faces are priceless! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Is the lion missing its paw? She still looks so regal. (Sorry I'm anonymous - this is really LaRae).

  5. No LaRae, it just appears that way. It's behind a tree branch.