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Friday, March 25, 2011

Nice To Meet You!

Photo Source: oooh.oooh

When I look at the map of all of the locations of our blog readers  (right over there in the column on the right side) I am amazed that there are so many visitors from all over the world!

I would love to put a name with those little red dots.  Please take a minute to introduce yourself in the comment section below!


  1. Jenny, I'm TexasHeather from SL forums, aka The Reader in blog land, at Musings on the Move.

    I'm one of the Brazil dots, probably showing up as Sao Paulo. : )

  2. Hej! (hello in Swedish)

    I should have introduced myself a long time ago so I think this blog post was meant for me :)! I visited your blog for your first stay in South Africa and somehow found this one. Can't quite remember how. I really enjoy reading about what you are doing in Rustenburg - the children love to join me when there are nice photos of the Big Five on your blog.

    We met Lincolm briefly in Pretoria a few years ago when we became parents to our third South African born child. She will be six later this spring and is an absolute darling!

    Praying for you and your family as well as the people you are serving ... and thank you for writing - it means a lot to us!

    Maria in Sweden
    Proud mummy of J (9½ yrs), M (8 yrs) and S (soon 6 yrs)born in the Gauteng / Rustenburg area

  3. Found you on the 'island' :) :waves from London:

  4. Hello to all of you! Thanks for replying.

    @The Reader - I always think of you as "Texas Heather in Brazil" LOL!

    @Maria - It is so nice to meet you! Thank you for your note. Bringing the babies from the shelter to meet their parents was the best part of our job when we worked at the shelter. I absolutely loved being a part of it, I likened it to being in the delivery room when a baby is born. Such an incredibly amazing and moving experience! Thank you for your prayers!

    @Missus Wookie - Waves from South Africa right back atcha!


  5. Hello from Holland!

    I also think this blogpost was meant for me because I should have introduced myself a long time ago ;-)
    We met eachother in March 2010 whem we visited the shelter with our three, in south africa born children. I think you remember..

    We will thank you for writing this blog. We really enjoy reading it! You have to know we also praying for you, your family and the people you are serving in SA.
    We wish you all the good you need!

    @ Maria; Maybe our second darling, she will be six later this spring and your third darling stayed at the same time in the LCS??

    Mireille from Holland
    Proud mummy of three children born in the Rustenburg/Gauteng area

  6. @Mireille- Yes, I do remember. Thank you for writing here, these stories warm my heart. I'm so happy that so many little LCS babies have such loving forever families! And thank you so much for your prayers!


  7. Hello! I am Christie from Virginia, USA. I found your blog from the Sonlight forum. I have enjoyed reading and praying for your adventures. You can learn more about me and my family at http://artchristie.blogspot.com/ God Bless!