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Friday, April 22, 2011

Fewer sermons, more meals

Agnes is a local lady we work with who cares for orphans out of her home.   She is truly an inspiration.  Maybe someday I’ll write a book about her life and the things she says. 

The other day she was telling a friend of ours how she wants to reach out to her community with the love of Christ.  She doesn’t want to start a church because the people in her neighborhood have had so many bad experiences with churches and pastors.  Instead, she dreams of having a big long table where she can invite people over for dinner and just love them with the love of Christ.

I had to laugh.  In America that’s the kind of talk you hear coming from the postmodern emergent church movement.

Less church, more Jesus. 
Fewer sanctuaries, more table settings. 
Fewer sermons, more meals. 

This was coming from a 65-year-old African woman that simply has the love of God in her heart.   I’m sure that Agnes has never heard the words “postmodern” and “emergent.”  I’m sure that she couldn’t care less about what is trendy in the evangelical church. 

Agnes’ life is a better sermon than any I’ve ever heard from a pulpit.

Being around her makes me want to love God more deeply, and love people more genuinely.


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  1. God bless Agnes, and bring much fruit from her hard work and heart full of His love.