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Friday, April 1, 2011

South Africa Stories

Tshepiso* is one of the precious little boys that we’ve been able to work with.  When he was still a baby, his mom died from AIDS.  Tshepiso has horrible eczema because of the AIDS medication he is on.  He has dry and cracked skin from head to toe and he has to wear gloves so that he doesn’t scratch himself.

One day he broke out in blisters on his hands and arms from an infection.  The poor little boy was in so much pain his whole body was shaking.  He looked so pitiful.  I took him to see Dr. Neil (a local doctor who volunteers much of his time working with AIDS patients and orphans).  Tshepiso was put on antibiotics for the blisters.  We all felt so bad for him and were praying for his healing.

Two days later, in our weekly staff meeting, we were told that they could hear Tshepiso all the way in the office yelling, “I’m healed, look at my hands, I’m healed.” It was heartwarming.  Later in the day Tshepiso came up to me to say, “ Take me again. Take me again to Dr. Neil.”

He loves Dr. Neil so much that he actually wants to go to the doctor’s office. To me this was such a perfect example of how God uses people to be His hands and to perform His miracles. It’s nothing short of a God given gift and a miracle for God to send Dr. Neil to help heal the hurting children of South Africa.

*Name changed to protect privacy



  1. Thanks so much for what you do and for sharing with us. As for the least of these..

  2. that is truly awesome and awe inspiring. What a precious gift, not only Dr. Neil and the time he gives, not only you & Jenny and the work your family does, but that little boy himself, rejoicing in healing in that way. thank you for sharing these stories with us.

  3. This post made me cry. I thank God that you are able to be there, and get this child the help he needs. Thank you for doing Jesus' work.