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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Kidnappings and Human Trafficking

I have debated about whether or not or not I should post this, I don't want to worry our friends and family.  But this is a very real problem here. I want you all to know what is going on here and ask for your prayers for protection for our children and the children of our city.

There have been numerous kidnappings and attempted kidnappings in our city recently.  I have been getting information from different sources and for the most part the stories all line up, so I believe I am getting the truth.

The police believe that, because of the circumstances surrounding the kidnappings, they are most likely the work of human traffickers.  The World Cup is coming here in a few months and this is a huge opportunity in many ways for human traffickers to make money, to traffic children (and adults) in and out of the country, and to lure the innocent and unsuspecting into the world of human trafficking.

I will be writing more about this in the days and weeks to come, I just wanted to post something now and beg for your prayers!

I have been doing some research about human trafficking here in South Africa and have been trying to find some information and ways we can get involved in fighting it and help keep the children here safe, but I have not found a whole lot.  If you have any connections or information please get in contact with me.  You can send me an email at JennyLincoln@hotmail.com or leave a comment here on our blog.



  1. Find out if IJM or Polaris are in the city, support there efforts. I know they were sending IJM staff to South Africa for the World Cup just like they do for all the Olympics. Praying! (with corrupt police, opportunity for money making, and crap in this world...we fight a formative BUT not without hope!)

  2. Jenny,

    My church has this information available:




  3. Jenny - I'll add this to my prayers for you!

    Hugs from Canada