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Friday, February 19, 2010

New Cars

We finally got internet in our house so we can begin to update our blog more often.  So much has been happening we have a lot to say.  

For today I'll start with some pictures of our new (used) cars.


For me (Lincoln) we got a 2002 Landcruiser.  It has around 120,000 miles on it, but Landcruisers have a reputation worldwide for driving nearly forever.  It is in great shape and the previous owner was the original owner who kept really good care of it.

It is perfect for me because I can use it as a work truck when I'm doing construction, but it has 8 seats so I can fit our whole family in it, or use it to host teams when they come to work with us.

This last week I was building a playground in Phokeng for the orphans' after school building and I carried all of the timber poles inside my truck.  They were 10 feet long and hanging out the back, but it handled it great.  I thank God for this vehicle as a gift from Him that enables us to do the work we need to do here. 


For Jenny we got a 2007 Honda FRV.

This is kind of like a hatchback Honda Civic sold in the states, but it has 3 seats in the front, allowing us to carry our whole family in a pretty small car.  It gets great fuel mileage and Jenny loves it because it is small and easy to drive.  And of course, Hondas have a great reputation for reliability which was very important to us.

Vehicle theft and hijackings are a pretty big problem in South Africa so we had smash and grab windows installed on both vehicles which helps to deter hijackings, and we also had a vehicle tracking system installed which allows the police to track the vehicle if it is stolen.  This also gives us a discount on our auto insurance which helps to offset the cost of installation.

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