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Saturday, February 20, 2010


We got our new boxer puppy today.  We decided on the name "Rocco".  His parents have won all kinds of dog show awards, so we expect him to grow into a great dog.

We were wanting to get a dog that could be a guard dog on the property, but that would also be good with kids.  Boxers can be very intimidating looking when they are full grown, but they have a great temperament with children.

We did quite a bit of research and decided that a boxer would be the perfect fit for our family.  So far he seems to be a pretty mellow dog, and I look forward to starting to train him.  It is important that he be well trained since he will be around children and visitors on a daily basis.



  1. I've heard the same things about boxers. He's a fine lookin' dog!

  2. He's good looking! Bet the kids will really enjoy him, and learn some lessons from him.