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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Backup Procedure

Today I was in the town of Phokeng building a playground for an after school orphan care program.  I was working with a young man named Tebogo who has been part of the program for a few years.  He is 18 and just graduated high school this last year.  A visitor from the states met Tebogo last year and committed to paying for his college education.  


A few weeks ago Tebogo began school at a local IT technical school.   It is interesting because he has probably never used a computer in his life, yet he is learning how to become an IT professional.  Today as we were working he was leaving to go to school.  He was walking away and as he got to the street he turned around and walked back to us. 

He asked Derek, my friend who is the local YWAM missionary, if he has a "backup procedure."  (Said with halting English in a South African accent.)

Derek replied, "What do you mean?"

Tebogo explained, "I know that you have several computers at home and I want to know if you have a backup procedure for your computers."

Derek asked, "Are you asking if I backup my computer to an external hard drive?"

This slightly confused Tebogo because I don't think his text book has yet explained what an external hard drive is.

He responded, "No, I just want to know if you have a backup procedure."

When Derek acknowledged that he does back up his computer, Tebogo beamed.

"That is good.  My text book says it is very important for you to have a backup procedure.  It is very good that you do that."

Smiling from ear to ear he picked up his back pack, walked past the pile of burnt trash, through the broken down gate, and down the nameless dirt road to his school.  

It was inspiring to see this kid...a nobody with no future and somebody believed in him.  Because someone saw potential in him and invested in his life, he now walks with confidence and boldness.  Hope for tomorrow is a powerful thing.



  1. What an awesome thing that he thought beyond himself and was concerned for you!

  2. Hi! I'm a friend of Jenny's and I've been reading...I love this post. There are few things more powerful that when someone believes in you!

    I am really enjoying this blog and it makes me feel like Jenny isn't quite so far away!

    Hugs from Canada

  3. This one made me cry... That is so awesome! I love Phokeng kids... :)

    - Lyz