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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Prayer Request

Please pray for our family's health.  We've been sick almost constantly for the past 7 weeks.  It's all cold and flu related.

Kyler's asthma has also gotten pretty bad.  There have been a few occasions where he can't even get a full breath in without coughing.  I've been giving him nebulizer treatments a couple of times a day and that seems to be helping a little.

Lincoln and I are also not feeling well and we're not getting much sleep because the kids are sick and up frequently at night.  We are both very worn down.

Please pray that we can get over this sickness and stay healthy!



  1. We have been praying for you guys more lately, but now we will know what to specifically pray. As I do my kids breathing treatments I will be praying for Klyer. We love you guys and are so glad that you are meeting the needs of others. I pray that God will meets all of yours.

  2. Praying Jesus' healing blood upon you! Will keep praying too! God bless!