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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

South Africa Stories

The sound of whimpering was heard coming from a trash pile in an illegal squatter camp called Freedom Park. A group of young boys searched the trash expecting to find a puppy, but instead they found a newborn baby that had been thrown away. Hours old, with a wet umbilical cord, his tiny body was wrapped in plastic.  He had blisters on his neck where his mother had attempted to strangle him.

He was brought to us in a cardboard box.

He has now recovered and is a healthy vibrant boy with a brilliant smile. The name he was given by his rescuers is a name that means, “To make peace with someone.”  He is a boy with so much hope for the future.


  1. He looks happy! How old is he now?

  2. Breaks my heart when I hear stories of babies literally being thrown away. There is a stigma of giving babies up for adoption here in South Africa, especially amongst the black community, so because of a lack of education women would rather leave their babies for dead than take them to a place of safety where they can have hope of a future. Stories like these are unfortunately so common in S.A.- it's so, so sad!!!