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Thursday, November 11, 2010

No Internet Access

We’ve had every internet provider in our area come out to our new house and the only company whose signal reaches us cannot accept any new customers.  Their tower is full and they don’t have any plans to build a new tower.  The only way we will get service through them is if/when one of their existing customers cancels their service.

The other option we will be looking into is satellite internet, but we’ve heard that it’s extremely expensive.

So for now, we will not be posting to our blog regularly.

Lincoln has internet service on his cell phone, but we can’t check our hotmail accounts from his phone.  We are able to check our facebook accounts and our gmail account from his phone.  Please send emails to us at SouthAfricaLincoln@gmail.com.  If you’ve sent an email to our hotmail accounts and we haven’t replied, please resend it to the gmail account.  Using Lincoln’s cell phone for internet is costly and tedious, so we will be greatly limiting our time online.

If you need to reach us quickly you can call Lincoln's cell phone.  The number is:  011-27-76-308-4310

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