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Friday, November 5, 2010

South Africa Stories

One day as I was visiting shacks in Freedom Park, a local squatter camp, I met a three kids raising themselves. Their father had never been part of their life, and their mother died a year earlier from AIDS.

They were 12-year-old twins, a boy and girl, raising their 4 year old little brother. They had both dropped out of school to try and find work. The sister had a “boyfriend” to make money, and the older brother was trying to pick up odd jobs around town to find work.

My heart went out to them as they tried to do everything possible to make ends meet. I offered the older boy a job working in our garden at the children’s shelter where we worked at the time, with the agreement that both he and his sister would go back to school.

He took us up on our offer and we were able to give him a job and some job skills that he could use later in life. The sister was able to leave her “boyfriend” and they both went back to school.

I spoke to their school headmaster a year later and she told me that those two kids were some of the best students in the entire school.


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