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Friday, January 28, 2011

~*~* HaPpY *~* BiRtHdAy *~* kEnDi!! ~*~*~

Today our 3rd child, Kendi, turns 4 years old.  I have never met anyone quite like Kendi!  She overflows with personality and sass.  I'm excited to see what God has in store for Kendi, he certainly has put a lot of spunk into this little fireball!

Kendi was born in South Africa when we were here the first time.  Her name, Kendi, is an African name that means "The Loved One".

(She is wearing her swimming suit in these top 2 pictures, she practically lives in it!)


We're celebrating her birthday tonight with friends, I'll post pictures later.



  1. Oh, what a beauty!!!

    Happy Birthday, Kendi!!!

  2. Sorry I'm late baby girl! I hate the time difference...By the time I was thinking about it it was too late. I love you Kendi Pants! We all say Happy Birthday big girl!!!!