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Friday, January 14, 2011

New Shoes

Imagine you are a young girl living in a one room tin shack with your 3 siblings.  Almost everything you own is either a hand me down or something that has been scavenged from the discarded, unwanted items of others.  You are required to wear a school uniform to attend school, but the only uniform that you can come by has been worn by your older sister for the last several years.  It’s been patched and re-patched countless times.

Then one day you receive a gift. A new school uniform and new school shoes.  Think about what that would mean to you.  You now can walk into school with your head held high.  Today you are no different than the other students. 

You can walk with dignity and pride.  

Thanks to a generous donation from General Motors South Africa we were able to buy new school uniforms for the orphaned and vulnerable children we work with in Phokeng.  They received their uniforms a few months ago, and yesterday they received their new shoes.

The shoes are a demonstration of God’s love for these children.

It’s amazing how buying new shoes for a child can be a deeply spiritual act.


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