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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Before and After

This is for my Red Rocks Team that just got back, I want to share some earlier pictures of some of the kids that you came to love. I can't give their names on the internet, but I think that you'll recognize them.

This is the baby that our daughter Madison got to name. Her smile now lights up the shelter.

This is the same little girl the day she arrived at the shelter. She practically became part of our family. We would have adopted her if we could have.

This is a current picture of the little girl with Jenny from our Red Rocks Team.

This is the "grumpy old man" with his mom before she died.

Here is the "grumpy old man" 2 1/2 years ago. Notice how dry the skin is on his arms. His whole body used to be dry the like this and he wore socks on his hands to protect his dry skin. He was always in pain because of this. Now his skin has totally cleared up and he is so much healthier and happier.

These are the two drama queens of the place.

The child on the left here is the same as the child on the right in the above photo. No one could forget that smile.

This is the Princess
(in light blue) that is part of the siblings that I've written about. (I've been saying that there were 5 siblings, but I think there were actually 4.) This is her when she was at the shelter the first time. Her two sisters are in front of her in pink and behind her in red.

This is a current picture of our Princess.


  1. Lincoln, thank you thank you for putting those up! It was hard for me to hear their stories while there, but it gives one hope after tradegy...what a blessing to have your family know and be able to share the stories visually before and after.
    This post was a treat for me! Esp that grumpy old man... =)

    Jenny Messer

  2. Oh, and every single picture and video I took of the grumpy old man is him with his tongue out, just like in his baby pics...somethings never change, he was meant to be joyful and silly even as an old man.

    Jenny Messer