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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Team Reactions #2

Red Rocks Team Reactions #2

Below is an excerpt from Jenny Messer's blog about her trip to South Africa.

-Jenn’s Day One-

Journal Entry Tuesday, June 22nd

“One day… I made it to Africa, I hesitate to fall in love.” (This was the first line of my journal entry for my Africa experience, it still rings true in my head as I type this and I am positive will be with me always. I want to go back soon and often. I knew I would have to leave this place and I had to process that very fact before I even left, when I got there to my dismay, it was even more lovely and hard to leave.)

“I breathe the colors and smell the sound of laughter and crooked smiles. I have already been saddened when the children had to leave–just to go to bed! (I am not able to list names of the children on the internet, but she was the one who latched to me and then I could not let go.) “I taught her to clap, grab her cheeks and say OH! We twirled our fingers in the air as trees, pointed to the blue sky and moved like the wind. I feel love as she holds tight to me and says, Mommy.” Today was the first day I heard that word.

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