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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Squatter Camp Photo Studio

Yesterday the Red Rocks team spent the day in a squatter camp called Freedom Park doing a photo studio outreach.  We invited people from the community to come to the medical clinic for a free photo sitting.

Residents of Freedom Park waiting to get their pictures taken

In the morning I drove around the squatter camp with some of the caregivers from the medical clinic.  They invited the people to come to the medical clinic for a free photo.  Most of the people we invited seemed very excited; many of them couldn't believe that it was actually free.

Shacks in Freedom Park 

When the people arrived we took their picture and while they waited to have their picture printed out Pastor Khumalo, a local South African pastor, spoke to them about how they were created in the image of Christ.  He shared with them about God's love.  After receiving their pictures they were invited to spend some more time with Pastor Khumalo if they wanted additional prayer.

Pastor Khumalo speaking to the people of Freedom Park 

It's amazing how the simple act of giving someone a picture of themselves speaks to them of God's love.  Everyone was so excited to have a picture of themselves and their families.  Most of these people have never had a picture of themselves, and this outreach was designed to show them the dignity, respect, and love that they aren't used to having.

Receiving her picture
I think she likes it!
Some of the Red Rocks team working to print out the pictures and put them in plastic sleeves.  Pictured here from left to right are Kristie, Taylor, Kristie
and Jenny (standing)

 Earlier in the week Jenny M. (pictured) worked with some of the older boys in the OVC (Orphans and Vulnerable Children) program and trained them how to use digital cameras and computer equipment.  These 3 boys took many of the pictures yesterday.

 Madison and Kristie printing out the pictures

Below are some of the portraits taken:

 Children waiting for their picture to be taken

The kids looking into the building where their pictures were being printed out

 Madison handing out candy to the kids waiting

Madison doing paper crafts with some of the children

More crafts

 A little boy near the medical clinic

 Kristie hanging out with some of the kids

Janelle with one of the caregivers from the medical clinic

A local school had donated some computers to the OVC program but no one had known how to set them up.  Dave volunteered to get them working.

 During the day some of the guys worked on building another shack.  They look like they are just standing around here, except for Chris, but they really have been working very hard.
Pictured from left to right are Jeremy, Sean, Chris and Charles.


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