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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

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  1. Hello! What a great blog, I just found it using Google. My wife and I attended the gala at RRCC last October at the invitation of Cindy and Todd Ballard and Brett and Alison Grooms.

    I (Craig) was involved as a Board Member and supporter for an orphange ministry in Liberia but that has recently fell apart due to funds misappropriation and other accountability problems. I have been praying about finding another children-based ministry to support since then, and strangely (not), I was cleaning out an old gym bag the other day and I came across Lincoln's business card that he/you gave me at the event. Ah-ha! I thought... and so here we are. I love the blog, we can see what's going on and you frequently update it. I want to start supporting you guys financially... I saw the instructions for that on the left of your blog here, and I do prefer to use a credit card... however, when I go to the World Hope site my options for giving categories do not include The Smiths in Freedom Park, S Africa, or anything along those lines. The possible categories listed are general: Child in crisis, education, food aid, microfinancing, orphans, spiritual development materials, freedom park, greatest need, and other. So... what should I do?

    Thanks very much for what you do, and may the Lord bless your family and your ministry.

    Craig and Chelle Fletcher